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The #1 predictor of success in any job is attitude. More than education, experience, age, references, skills, personality traits, or interviews attitudes are what separate the best from the rest.

But how do you discover a job applicant’s real, on-the-job attitudes when that person is determined to put only their best foot forward during the hiring process?

The STARS Pre-employment Attitude Test is a proven, reliable way to discover an applicant’s real attitudes and values. This easy to administer, online tool measures each promising applicant’s propensity to demonstrate:

  • Self-motivation: The degree to which an individual is driven (self-motivated) to excel

  • Trainability: The desire to learn and grow; a willingness to learn from others and from their own mistakes; listens to the needs and advice of others and is open to new ideas and concepts

  • Accountability: The degree to which an individual is dependable and conscientious; the person does what they say they will do when they say they will do it

  • Responsibility: the degree to which an individual takes ownership for making sure things are done correctly; how likely they are to be dependable and reliable

  • Stability: The degree to which an individual is emotionally stable, calm, can manage stress and maintain a positive outlook

This inexpensive tool is actually an “online interview” that reliably separates the wheat from the chaff before you waste any time interviewing unsuitable applicants. And, because it asks all applicants the same, non-discriminatory questions, it also serves to minimize your legal exposure.

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